Monday, 20 August 2012

Christy Hall

I’m thinking of Chub again.
The mood has settled on Chub.
So strong and persistent;
made of sterner stuff
than me –
some river-hardened flub.
But still supple –
illusive to worm and hook.
The head’s saying snub nose,
the other end all silver-butt.

Peering over this bridge
down into the white water,
with you,
I can see nothing but Chub.
Two dozen or so;
they’re fighting the current,
doing the side-winder.
A pair break off, nose-diving the silt –
suddenly gone.
I turn back towards you
and think about following suit.

Christy Hall, 24, lives in Beverley, East Yorkshire, where he is currently the tenant and manager of a rural, drinker’s pub. He graduated from the University of Hull with an MA in Creative Writing before becoming a publican. The band that currently inspire him most are Modest Mouse. He is also an avid Chelsea fan.