Monday, 6 August 2012

Gary F. Iorio

Midnight Matinee

Denial, anger,
bargaining and depression.
Acceptance? I’ll take

Laurel and Hardy.
As a child she could name all
who had played the great

Charlie Chan, also
the sons always at his side.
Now, in the dark, I

Number One Son still
remain her child; to take note
and please her again. 

Gary F. Iorio was raised in Brooklyn and Massapequa, NY; he has an MFA from The University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Mr. Iorio works as a real estate attorney. His fiction, poetry and memoirs have been published in various publications including San Pedro River Review, Fiction at Work, The East Hampton Star, The Wisconsin Review, The Mississippi Review, Front&Centre Magazine, Echo Ink Review, Black Words on White Paper, Mused, Crack The Spine, and Poetry Breakfast.