Saturday, 4 August 2012

Kenneth Pobo

Moving Target Dindi

At high school parties I learned
the intimate secrets of avocado dip,
danced rarely, got by because kids

considered me nice, didn’t see
that I polished a pistol
behind my eyes.  After graduation

I went to Nicolet Area Technical College
in Wisconsin, dropped out,
dropped back in, ended up in

Ann Arbor, had lots of lovers,
or did I?  Maybe they were all
dreams.  I cursed my bad luck—

surely someone will stay,
but I was a moving
target, saw women in Escanaba,

worn out from love and diapers. 
Decades, an icy sidewalk under
a high heel.

Kenneth Pobo won the 2011 qarrtsiluni chapbook contest for Ice And Gaywings.  Forthcoming is Save My Place from Finishing Line Press.